Heisenberg-2100: Safer Recreational Pharmaceutical Manufacture

The world needs fewer lab explosions, and Heisenberg is here to help.  With the popularity of the show Breaking Bad, safety is now a major concern.  We decided to help.

Safety is Vital

This affordable, turnkey solution to the woes of many small communities with methamphetamine problems is a game changer.  We can’t stop tweakers from making meth, but we can make the process idiot proof.  The Heisenberg-2100 takes the guesswork out of cooking a batch, and is affordable enough for even the hobbyist.

  • Mobile
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • And most of all, Safe
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Only $6999

and we finance

In every neighborhood in the US, it seems like some amateur chemist gets the notion that he can make millions by manufacturing methamphetamine.  The problem is, he’s not a chemist.  Meth labs explode because people who make meth tend not to adhere to safety regulations.  Enter the Heisenberg-2100.  It eliminates the guesswork by automating everything from temperature and flow to catalytic exposure and cook time.

Our expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment led us to believe that we could help reduce the number of amateur lab explosions because those explosions don’t happen in industrial parks.  They happen in residential neighborhoods.  We sell these units at slightly over cost, because this particular cause isn’t about profit.  It’s about safety.

While many people don’t see the logic in making the manufacture of illegal substances easier, we see it differently.  At present, there are thousands of people in every small town in the midwest and the south making meth.  It could be your neighbors.  What happens when they neglect safety?  Some of the larger lab explosions have leveled three or more houses, and that’s simply unacceptable.