New Product: Announcing the Heisenberg-2100

Heisenberg-2100: Safer Recreational Pharmaceutical Manufacture The world needs fewer lab explosions, and Heisenberg is here to help.  With the popularity of the show Breaking Bad, safety is now a major concern.  We decided to help. Safety is Vital This affordable, turnkey solution to the woes of many small communities with methamphetamine [...]

Our New Facility

Our new facility will help us better serve you Our new facility has a lot going for it.  We'll still use the old facility to produce some consumer products (such as the exciting new Heisenberg-2100 which we'll detail in a future announcement), but this facility is better suited to prototyping and single devices.  Not to [...]

Our New Website

Welcome to our new home on the web.  We decided to bring ourselves into this century with a site that reflects our commitment to good design and consistent structure.  Being that this site is new and we worked hard to get it ready, you may find typos and omissions.  If you do, feel free to [...]